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Starting in relative tranquility and escalating chaos to insanity, Chopper Defense HD will quickly push you to the edge of your ability. Armed with a machine gun and a blast cannon, your chopper will be wiping out hordes of enemy formations and evading their relentless homing missiles.

Chopper Defense HD is not a bullet hell shooter – the gameplay is way faster and more intense, and the unique combination of hectic shooting, base-defense and homing missile avoidance is unlike any other experience on the App Store.

✓ Fun and challenging shooting and avoidance gameplay
✓ Wipe out hundreds of various jets and battleships per minute
✓ Infinite gameplay
✓ Responsive and adjustable controls
✓ Crisp colorful graphics
✓ Upgradable weapons and repairable buildings
✓ Co-op mode (play with a friend on your iPad)
✓ Three difficulty levels

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